Throwback Thursday: 262 Marshall Street, Duxbury

All homes have a history, but most houses don't have the historical significance of 262 Marshall Street, which I had the pleasure of listing last spring.

In the late 1800s through the early 1900s, this Marshall Street property was the site of the Myles Standish Hotel. While a bustling and busy resort during its heyday, the hotel was eventually sold and split into two halves. One portion of the hotel was moved down the street, where it still stands today, but the other, the hotel's north wing, remained in place. This is what is known today, quite quaintly, as the home at 262 Marshall Street.

Of course, this property is anything but quaint. With gorgeous architectural details and a waterfront location beyond compare, it is truly a Duxbury gem.

If you're interested in the home's history, I highly recommend visiting the online store of the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society – and picking up a copy of Stopping Places Along Duxbury Roads by my late friend and Duxbury resident extraordinaire, Margery L. Macmillan.

Additionally, courtesy of, a lovely photo of the hotel is viewable on page 10 in the digitized version of the book The Pilgrim Town of Duxbury.