"We used Marcia when we relocated to Duxbury 12 years ago and we were very pleased with her thoroughness, professionalism, and overall advice to new buyers in town. We decided to move to the water and the market was rather slow when our house was put on.  Marcia did countless open houses bringing new people through as well as advertising in the greater South Shore / Boston area. 

"Marcia has terrific knowledge of the local market and is always 100% focused on what is in the best interest of her clients.  She genuinely cares about the families she works with.  We have moved several times and I have never worked with a realtor that I so confidently trusted to be working in my family's best interests."

– Matt and jackie Jewett, Duxbury


"Marcia is very knowledgeable about real estate matters as well as home repairs.  She is also very patient. Throughout the two years in which I looked for a home suitable for me Marcia listened to my critique of each property and learned my likes and dislikes. We discussed what could or could not be done with the property before moving on. The critiques and discussions helped both of us and when we walked into the house I eventually purchased, as soon as we walked in the door, we both said, 'This is the one.' "



"My husband and I had been in our home for 19 wonderful years, but as we entered our 70s we realized that it was time for him to cut back on his work load and that consequently we needed to cut back on the costs of maintaining that property. 

"We hired Marcia in part because she been a close personal friend for the past several decades.  But that factor alone would not have been enough to lead us to that conclusion.  Having lived in a small town like Duxbury for almost 50 years, we are good friends with many other local realtors as well.  We chose Marcia to help us sell our home and purchase our new one because we recognize all of her professional skills and attributes.  She has been very active in real estate associations over the years and have extensive knowledge in the field.  Moreover, she is a very well respected realtor in our area.

"There was no one 'best thing' that Marcia did to help us buy and sell our home.  She did a very thorough job from the beginning of the process to the end.  She acted as our partner throughout.  Together we came to a decision on the asking price and together we discussed reducing that as time went on.  Using her years of expertise in the real estate world, Marcia coached us on how to get our house ready to market. 

"As the process went on, she kept us informed on showings, shoppers' reactions, things we might need to do to facilitate finding a buyer.  She followed through on leads, kept in touch with other brokers who had showed the house to their clients, and did a great job of keeping us in the loop at all times and holding our hands when things weren't going so well. 

"When, six months later,  we finally received an offer to buy, she helped us through the difficult negotiation period with her usual calm professionalism.  And THAT wasn't easy to do.  It would be an understatement to say that we had a difficult and reluctant buyer, and there were many twists and turns between the initial offer and the final consummation of the transaction.  A less able realtor might very well have botched the whole deal during those trying and tense days.  But Marcia's quiet perseverance and skill saved the day!  

"There are flashier realtors out there and there are more 'famous' ones; they come on with a bang.  But Marcia's dignified professionalism and extensive knowledge and quiet but persistent personality are the qualities required in the crazy world of real estate sales. And they are the attributes that lead to success in the long run. Marcia's knowledge, skills, and demeanor are the perfect match if you are looking for a well-qualified and successful realtor."



"Marcia is talented, knowledgeable, patient and kind.  She gave us time and space to see it all and find our perfect home when our house sold, always with a smile on her face even when it was painful! I say, Oh, I know the kindest realtor.  She will always make you feel comfortable and help you and always 'stays classy.' " 

– Shelly phillips, kingston


"I've known Marcia much of my life and have always thought world of her as a woman and professional.  She is honest, ethical, kind, patient, hard-working, knowledge, reliable and so much more.  I knew I could trust Marcia to keep our budget and interests at heart and find us a home that would bring us joy.  SHE DID...still in it (happily) nearly 8-years later!"

– lauren strachan, duxbury


 "I was a first-time buyer. Marcia was respectful of my stated preferences and did not hesitate to schedule appointments to see houses that I inquired about. She did this even in cases where she presumably knew a particular house was not appropriate for me, and by doing so she allowed me to refine my searches through experience.  Also important was her knowledge of the geographical area so that she could recommend houses that were not in the towns I was initially focusing on, but instead were nearby in comparable environments and met all of the other criteria I had provided. 

"Marcia’s patience in the housing search resulted in a process where in the end I felt that I was well informed and knowledgeable enough to be confident in my ultimate choice.  Working with Marcia is a partnership that empowers the buyer and allows them to make an intelligent and informed decision."



"We moved to Duxbury after living in Europe for several years and were very fortunate to find Marcia. We have bought and sold several properties while in Duxbury and she has made sure all of our transactions were smooth and seamless

"Marcia always goes above and beyond her real estate duties including accompanying us to a town meeting with the zoning board of appeals for a commercial property we purchased in town. She is always able to find a solution to any problem or question. She will guide you through every step of the way. She is totally knowledgeable about the local real estate market. When we needed a referral for anything from a window washer to a plumber she always helped us find what we were looking for!

"She is a compassionate realtor and a genuine pleasure to work with."



"Marcia is a knowledgable professional.  She listens carefully to your needs/opinions, provides sound advice on pricing, staging, showing.  She has attracts a substantial potential buyer base.  She facilitates the details of your real estate transaction fairly and expeditiously."



"Marcia demonstrated professionalism on every level.  She kept us optimistic in a difficult market, and worked diligently to promote our property in a variety of media.  When we found our buyers, she made the process of selling as stress-free as possible.

"I would estimate that Marcia showed us more than 40 properties during the buying process.  I don't think she could have exhibited more patience or willingness to look at every possible home that might meet our needs.

"Marcia is calm, competent and non-judgmental.  She allowed us to experience potential new homes without interference that might sway us in one way or another."

– Corinne Woodworth, Duxbury


"Marcia was a reference from a friend who spoke highly of her. She helped us find a temporary rental property and since the transition was very smooth, there was no question we would use her to find our permanent home.

"She helped us look for the features we wanted and helped us stay within our budget. She stayed in touch with us and helped us get in touch with the right contractors for some repairs and upgrades and improvements. 

"If you want someone who first listens and then proactively finds what you are looking for, Marcia is the ONE!"



"I was a real estate broker from another area, and was looking for an agent who had extensive real estate knowledge and professionalism. Marcia knew the market in Duxbury, was accommodating and trustworthy.

"Tina and I have purchased eight houses over the years. Marcia represents the very best of the profession. If you want to work with an agent who is real estate professional, knowledgeable of the area, trust worthy, and who will best represent your interests, then you should work with Marcia."

– jim and tina kirkam, duxbury


"Our experience couldn't have been easier. Marcia worked diligently to be at all showings, and gave us great feedback from potential buyers.  She guided us through the process of selling and buying a home with both skill and compassion."



"We did not have plans to buy a house in 2016 but were interested in what might be available, so I asked Marcia what was available in our hypothetical price range. Marcia sent us links to several listings. We liked one of them so much that several weeks later on December 27 it was ours. We were not available to visit the house, but we trust Marcia completely, and we have never been disappointed.

"Because we have worked with Marcia on rentals over the years and we have a relationship. She also has a great reputation in the community. With us Marcia has always been positive, calm and professional, qualities we appreciate. She follows up, is patient, and her advice has always been spot on. We did not feel pressured to make a decision.

"Marcia takes a personal interest in her clients and their satisfaction. She patient, steady and honest."



"We chose to work with Marcia because of her professional reputation, thoroughness and even personality. She will work hard and effectively either to sell your property or help you locate and purchase a new one."



"Through contact with searching homes we discovered Marcia and liked what we found – she is what I would call a professional who is always knowledgeable, pleasant and persistent. If you're looking to buy or sell, you should use Marcia because she is always available, knows the history of the community, and will drive for closure on any deal."

– Erich Fritz, duxbury


"We were downsizing and chose to work with Marcia because of her good reputation. She was honest, communicated well, open to suggestions, and gave good advice. She represented us very well."



"We were moving to Duxbury for first time. Marcia was a good friend of our family and came recommended. She was very patient but persistent in finding the right home for us at the right price and time. Marcia provides very good service and support and is a very good person." 



"After 38 years in our house we were ready to downsize.  When our daughter suggested we move to Saratoga Springs, NY to be near her and the grandkids, we jumped at the chance.

"Marcia advised us on the best way to show our house which didn't include any major improvements. This worked out just fine and our house sold in three days.

"Marcia knows her stuff and somehow remains calm when problems arise. She was also able to recommend a lawyer for us to use who also remained calm and pleasant throughout the whole process."

– Janice mcinnis, GANSEVoORT, NY


"I needed to downsize,  from the house in which I raised my children, to a comfortable condo. I've known Marcia for many years as a colleague and friend. I know her reputation as an excellent realtor whose peers have voted her to be their leader in multiple professional groups. She is incredibly patient! She took me to see many properties, multiple times, over a period of several years! It was a pleasure to have her represent me as a seller and as a buyer."



"We decided to move closer to Boston. We were very comfortable with Marcia and wanted to send our business to someone we liked. She was very patient with us for both the sale of our old home and purchase of our new home. Our sale occurred during the horrible snowy winter and our purchase efforts lasted almost a year as we searched for a home in many areas. Marcia was easy to work with and is very knowledgeable in her field."



"I do not believe that Marcia is the usual real estate agent.  She is so warm and helpful but, most importantly, she has great integrity. We bought a home with Marcia as our agent.  We knew her through previous rental experience. We always found her very honest and helpful on all aspects of our purchase. The home we bought had been on the market for some time as it is an unusual home for Duxbury. Marcia was extremely knowledgable about the house and is solely responsible for making the deal 'happen.' She has always been a pleasure to work with. I can't think of a way for her to improve."